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Wordpress 2.3 Errors

Well, nothing like a massive string of errors after upgrading to make a cloudy day feel more grey.

When the error first revealed itself, my first thought was "I wish I had a help desk." Then, my second thought: "If I called the help desk I probably would still be on hold or they would arrive at my desk and curse the fact that I work on a Mac."

Lucky for me (grin), I've been my own tech support for just a wee over a year and there is the magical world of support forums. Hooray!

I have to give Wordpress huge credit for a well-organized support forum. The database error I was having seems to be a common one since once you enter the forums, you can't miss the support topic (Hint: "Solution for 2.3 database errors").

The first thing to do is start weeding through the wordpress plugins to find the itchy bug. Turns out mine was a plug-in called SimpleTagging. Every time I activated it, I would get an error.

Trial and error. Lengthy process and it always makes you feel less helpless.

Now, time to fix a few details that got lost in the update...

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