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Climbing out of the valley

It's been such a busy week of tweaking QuickBook files for my accountant and finishing up a magazine assignment that I don't think I have stepped out of the house other than to feed the neighbor's cats. Not good.

Working from home is rather odd that way... The upside: I am really productive; I get a ton done during the course of a day. The flipside: Feeling a bit isolated. I have to force myself to get out. Why is that so difficult? Surely, this can't be normal.

Perhaps it is just plain hard figuring out a freelance life. It feels all-consuming and as if you are on a rollercoaster. Whew...

There was a book I had to read in college about the psychology of creativity and the part I remember is a visual diagram of peaks, valleys and plateaus. (Not a rollercoaster.) Losing my full-time gig was the valley. Actually, it felt more like a deep gorge and at some point in the last few months I started finding my way out.

It is daunting and exciting.

Maybe this blog will help find/figure out direction. I'm not sure why but I never imagined I would have a blog. It seems most people laugh at the idea but I've seen it used effectively and successfully for self-promotion and marketing. For small businesses, that is no small thing. And there is a tremendous amount of support which is huge.

So, while this journey may take me sideways or in circles or (dare it be true) a straight clear path, I'm also learning to appreciate moving slowly in a stop-and-smell-the-roses kind of way. Slowness yesterday was the sun shining and our cat, Blu took full advantage of it. Hmmm...


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