Cococello is Deb Pang Davis. Independent print and digital designer, educator and soon-to-be-author.


First press

Here it is. My first press.


It's a Vandercook No. 0 proof press. It's not really made for fine letterpress printing and a great way to get started (so I've been told). The artist whom I purchased this proof press from made prints from woodblocks. Hmmm... seed planted.


I love looking at it. It's so old, solid... beautiful...

My first letterpress class is in a month in Seattle through the Experimental College with Bonnie Thompson Norman. She has already been supportive and generous with her time. I'm really looking forward to meeting her and my classmates!

And, that reminds me. There is a wealth of online resources for anyone interested in letterpress printing. I started at BriarPress (love the museum) and a few google searches later led me to some great blogs (listed below) that showcase letterpress (and other amazing art). You'll also find great tips on buying your first press; links to classes; other letterpress printers and loads of creative juice. They have inspired me to get to it. In fact, everyone I have met in the letterpress and book arts community so far has been incredibly giving.

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