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Happy New Year

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sehe bok mahnee badteuseyo ... that's "Happy New Year" in Korean.

Here it is written out in hangul (the Korean alphabet):

(Just in case my research in writing this correctly has a mistake, I can understand Korean more than I can read or write -- apologies!)

The photo is a detail of a hanbok, a traditional Korean dress worn for special occasions. New Year's Day is such a day and I wanted to share the wonderful, delicate designs on the jacket and skirt.

The hanbok comes in a dizzying array of colors and embroidery depending on status, occasion, season and age. I admired many of my elders' hanboks made of luxurious silks and decorated with stunning, intricate symbols and patterns.

I'm looking forward to the day I can have one made just for me.

Even Barbie has one!

To learn more about the hanbok, visit Tour2Korea, a great source for Korean culture, travel and more.

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