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Snow falls Portland

The snow is old news by now and if you haven't seen the video of cars crashing into each other here in Portland, Oregon, click here. Having spent most of my childhood and teen years near Lake Ontario, I grew up knowing that no matter how big the car or what kind of tires are on the car, ice is ice. Sorry SUVs...


I made some happy snaps that first morning and I realized how much I loved the smell of fresh snow. It smells a lot like spring rain. I love the way it looks, too -- the way it sits and gathers on everything. When we were driving home from Ashland through Grant's Pass, all the trees looked like they had been dusted by God's baker with confectioner's sugar. It was breathtaking. Yeah, I was "ooh-ing" and "ahh-ing" in between praying that a truck doesn't slip on the ice and veer all of us off the road.

This may sound lame but I do feel sorry for the many of the plants in our garden. Being new to gardening, I'm not quite sure if I should have wrapped them in sacks or something to protect them from the cold and freezing temperatures. The scented geraniums may have bit the dust. Hard to tell right now and every time I see them I apologize.

It is time to venture out for a wine tasting. We love the guys at Great Wine Buys.


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